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About Us

Since October 17, 2019, Lebanon is facing a severe currency devaluation crisis due to many reasons. Most notably, the Ponzi scheme created by the Lebanese banks and the corruption of nearly everyone in the Lebanese government.

As a result, the USD to LBP’s main exchange market became controlled by the black market exchangers.

Since December 2019, many websites and web applications emerged with the purpose of informing the Lebanese citizens of the daily lira rate.

While the credibility of some of them is questionable, the rates are always very close to the actual black market rates.


We at launched in September 2020, have many purposes, mainly:

– To provide daily and intraday rates and currency news.

– Our sources are the available black market apps and websites.

– The official currency rate.

– An instant currency calculator of more than 180 currencies.

– Closely monitor the black market applications and report suspicious activities.

– Expose the currency applications behavior and showcase their impact on the Dollar price in Lebanon.

– Discuss ways for everyone to make money online and bring in fresh Dollars to the country.


The main idea is to allow the Lebanese in Lebanon or abroad to find various market rates from different sources all in one place.

Instead of checking 3 to 6 websites and apps to get a clear picture, just visit Lira Exchange and you can find all the different apps here.

so that they can be aware of how the market is behaving and what to expect when buying or selling the dollar to Lebanon pounds.

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  1. Hello, my name is Patrick Sfeir and I’m a 21 year old Lebanese data analyst and I was wondering if you can provide me with some sort of excel sheet containing data about the daily lira rate from 2019 till this day because I’m working on my senior project and need more data to work with. The goal of this project is to provide new insights, predicting future inflation rates using machine learning (regression) and artificial intelligence.

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