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Dollar In Lebanon Today | Fresh USD Online

Dollar In Lebanon Today


How much is the Dollar in Lebanon today? This is what every single Lebanese citizen asks every day for nearly a year. The thing is, you can make fresh money online working from home using your laptop and internet connection.

Our beloved Lira faced a huge devaluation with what looks to be a systematic destruction of our fiscal and economic situation.

Adding insult to injury, the Trump administration put additional pressure by sanctioning many key political figures in Lebanon. This looks to be permanent. Rumors continue to predict that the list has many figures yet to be sanctioned by the USA.

Furthermore, the major problem we are all facing is the huge demand for the Dollar due to the lack of fresh Dollars being pumped into the market.

Private companies and SMEs who import products and goods from abroad are forced to buy the USD from the currency black market for them to send the funds abroad.

If you are an employee, your Lebanese Lira salary is now worth 8 times less than one year ago. If you make 1,500,000 LL per month, it used to be worth $1,000, but now it is worth approximately $185!

Also, the prices of necessary goods, such as food, medication, phones, and every other basic human need, have skyrocketed to the extent that even your basic needs are no longer affordable.

No wonder Lebanon outranked Zimbabwe to be the second country worldwide for hyperinflation!

No magical solution is in place for the foreseeable future, especially with our current bright political elite, who have failed repeatedly to take responsibility and act up to the current challenges.

Most economists and specialists predict that our current crisis will continue for the next five years, at the minimum!

How can you solve such a crisis and improve your personal situation financially?

If you are considering immigrating, you must know that the process of immigrating requires time and money, fresh Dollars for you to relocate.

So are you stuck? Do you have a way to make fresh USD and get out of the rat race?

The short answer is, YES, you have a way out, and NO, you are not stuck forever.

You can create your own online money-making business and generate cash wired to your bank account. All you need is your laptop, an internet connection, and a small monthly investment if you wish to speed up the process.

1- What Is An Online Business?

The term ” online business ” is very self-explanatory, but, unfortunately, many do not take the online world seriously and do not consider it as a tool to make extra money or even to go full time with the business.

Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are all tools at your disposal to use and leverage their power of bringing interested buyers to your online venture.

To succeed online, you have to create a website/blog. This is mandatory.

The main income source will be commission fees from companies that you have referred clients to through an affiliate link on your website. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Your website is your “real estate,” your content is your apartments, making you recurring monthly income.

It is worthwhile to mention that a website can be sold 25 to 35 times its monthly income. For example, if your website makes $200 / month, it can be sold for $200 x 30 = $6,000.

Now imagine if your website is making $1,000 per month, that is $1,000 x 30 = $30,000.

Now don’t think these numbers are far-fetched, not at all. Within a year of consistent work and dedication, you can be easily making $1,000 with minimal investment!

2- What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of performance-based process in which a company, business, or individual pays you, the affiliate, for each customer or sale generated by you through your own online or offline marketing activities.

The parties involved in the process are:

  1. Merchant: which is the company, brand, or individual who owns the product.
  2. Network: The network is an intermediary between you and the merchant, which guarantees payments, provides statistics, and merchants’ products.
  3. Affiliate Marketer (Publisher): The affiliate marketer or publisher is the blog/website owner who, through his marketing activity, promotes the merchant’s products and goods.
  4. Customer: The customer is someone who visits your blog/website, reads your product review, clicks on embedded affiliate links, and makes a purchase on the merchant’s website or online store.

Affiliate marketing has become the sole source of income for many individuals around the globe. You can be a full-time affiliate marketer in Lebanon, reviewing American companies’ products and selling to people worldwide. You will NEVER be limited to the shitty Lebanese economy again, NEVER!

On the contrary, your audience will be from high buying power, tier-one countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Germany.


3- How To Start With Affiliate Marketing In Lebanon:

Creating a website/blog to review products and make money online can be a daunting and costly task, but do not worry as I have got you covered with the state the art, A to Z solution that will provide you everything you need to succeed online, all in one place with a small monthly investment.

The good news is, you can try the system completely FREE of charge for 7 Days! (No Credit / Debit Card required)

Now let’s get rolling in defining and explaining the tools you need to run an internet business:

  • Choose Your Niche: You have to select the niche you would like to discuss and review products for. This is usually a topic that you are passionate about, enjoy, and can write about.
  • A Domain Name: / / are 3 examples of a domain name. It is the name you type in the search bar to access a certain website. A domain name usually costs from $9 to 13$, and it is recommended to use a .com domain.
  • Hosting package: Hosting packages vary in price depending on bandwidth and your specific requirement. You can pay anything from $20 to $500 per month for a decent hosting service. You will get super fast hosting within your monthly investment to handle 500,000 visitors per second, worth $300 per month!
  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL Certificate): Whenever you see an HTTPS with an S at the end, that means that your connection to the website is secured and that a secured connection encrypts your private information. A typical high-end certificate can cost $60 per year, which you will get included in the premium membership for 10 websites, not 1, 10 money-making websites.
  • Building Process: Within the Wealthy Affiliate FREE and Premium package, you will have access to a plethora of themes (Pre-Designed) that you can select and adjust on using the world’s number one drag and drop website builder, WordPress.
  • Full Step By Step Training: This is one of the most important features, training. The system is built so that if you follow the step-by-step training, you will have your first website up and running in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you will get trained on how to rank your website on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which in return will bring highly interested traffic to your website, thus converting them into sales and fresh dollars.
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: With Jaaxy, you will never fall short on topics to write about within your niche. The best thing is, Jaaxy will generate high traffic, low competition keywords for you to target and reap the rewards.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: Round the clock, chat support where you can ask any question that you might have and get an answer instantly from more than 1 million members who are making money and using the system successfully.
  • Site Support: Worldclass technical support if you happen to face any technical issues.
  • Community: The community at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best in the industry. No question is left unanswered. No topic is left without training material, all from people who have been in the trenches. You can also read thousands of members testimonials who are making from 500$ to 6 or 7 figures income from home and who started just like you!
  • Learn How to Write: As Warren Buffet says, the secret to making money and succeeding falls into one important skill: communication, verbal, and written. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to write a review or blog post that sells and builds a loyal audience!


4- How Much Time To Start Making Money?

I started making money from my blog just 3 months after I created my first website.

Usually, it takes around 6 months for you to start seeing high income, but my question to you is this: If your salary is 1,500,000 LBP and your website was able to make you $150 per month wired to you as fresh Dollars, that means $150 x 8,000 LL = 1,200,000 LBP in additional income!

What if you were able to make $1,000 per month, that’s 8,000,000 LBP (approximately)? Wouldn’t these numbers improve your buying power and standard of living?

5- Mindset And Dedication Are Key:

You have to deal with your blog/website as a real business, and real businesses do not succeed overnight. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a Ponzi scheme of some kind.

How much time of the day do you actually waste on Facebook, Tiktok, Netflix, and TV? If you start counting today, you will notice that you can easily spend hours doing nothing!

What if you can dedicate 3 to 4 hours per day to build a real online business? A Netflix series will not put food on the table and will not provide you with income security. Neither will they generate recurring monthly income.

Now is the time for you to decide your life and start investing your time into yourself!

6- What Is The Cost Of A Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

The cost of a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is only $19 for the first month, then $49 US Dollars per month. Thereafter.

I know what you are thinking, $49 x 8,000 LL = 392,000 LL, which might be a lot for you. But what if I told you that with 1 premium account, you could build up to 10 websites? You have an opportunity to partner up with a friend or family member and split the cost accordingly.

Also, if you have a close relative or friend abroad, $49 is nothing for them. You can pay using their card and pay them back here in Lebanon to anyone they know or choose.

The only additional cost is the domain name price, which you will need if you upgraded to premium. Domains are at a maximum of $13.9, which you can buy yourself using your debit or credit card with an exchange rate of $1=1,515. You can contact your bank to confirm the limit on your card.

A Bright Future Ahead!

If you found this post after searching: Dollar In Lebanon Today, you most probably have Lira on hand and waiting for the best rate for you to exchange Lira for Dollars for safekeeping at home. Put your money to work for you and bring fresh USD from abroad!

I can assure you that if you commit to creating content, at least 2 articles per week, you will start seeing income within the next 2 to 3 months (depending on niche).

You will never be left alone. The community has over 1.2 million active successful members who are always ready to coach you any time of the day.

Also, I will always be here for you as your personal coach if you sign up through the form below:

Remember, you can always stay on FREE Package without upgrading to premium, and you will have 7 days FREE premium access.

If you decide to join or have any questions, drop me a comment here in the comments box below, and I will be ready to assist you.








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