Lira Exchange Lira Rate Dollar In Lebanon: 3/5/2023 Lira Rate & News

Dollar In Lebanon: 3/5/2023 Lira Rate & News


The Dollar in Lebanon is experiencing a significant decrease today, April 5, 3/5/2023, with the USD to LBP rate standing at 95,400 Lira. This change comes amid recent developments, including TotalEnergies’ announcement to explore gas in Lebanon waters, the ongoing presidential vacuum, and the country’s economic crisis. In this article, we will discuss these events and their potential impact on the Dollar in Lebanon.

At 10:30 pm, a surprising update on the Lira rate revealed a significant drop in the USD price, reaching 94,900 Lebanese Lira (Adde Dollar App). It’s worth noting that fluctuations outside of market hours are often unreliable and may be driven by manipulative motives, so it’s essential to approach such changes cautiously.

USD to LBP Rate Yesterday

Before diving into today’s news, it’s worth mentioning that yesterday’s USD to LBP rate was higher than the current rate. The decrease in the exchange rate signals potential economic implications and a fluctuating market that could impact Lebanon’s financial stability.

TotalEnergies to Explore for Gas in Lebanon Waters

French company TotalEnergies has recently signed a contract to begin drilling and exploring for gas in waters off Lebanon, marking a new step in the country’s efforts to tap into its offshore resources. The agreement involves TotalEnergies’ partners Eni and QatarEnergy and aims to drill an exploration well on Block 9, an area off the coast of Lebanon.

The exploration follows the signing of a landmark border agreement between Lebanon and Israel in October, opening up offshore gas fields for both countries. Block 9, part of Lebanon’s exclusive economic zone, was previously disputed with Israel. While there are no proven gas reserves in the Qana field or Sidon reservoir within Block 9, a 2012 seismic study by British firm Spectrum estimated recoverable gas reserves in Lebanon at 25.4 trillion cubic feet. Lebanese officials have announced even higher estimates.

Despite the optimism surrounding gas exploration, analysts have warned that Lebanon, which is in deep financial crisis, cannot rely on gas alone to resolve its economic troubles.

Lebanon’s Presidential Vacuum and Economic Crisis

Lebanon has been without a president since October 2022, when President Michel Aoun’s term expired. Due to deep divisions, the country’s political parties have failed to elect a new president in 12 parliamentary sessions. Hezbollah is pushing for the election of Suleiman Frangieh, while other parties, including the Christian Lebanese Forces and Kataeb, oppose his candidacy. International and regional efforts to bridge the gap have not yielded results.

This political vacuum has further contributed to Lebanon’s economic crisis, which the World Bank has described as one of the worst in modern history. The country received a low score of 24/100 on Transparency International’s 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index, indicating widespread corruption within the political elite.

IMF’s Concerns and Staff-Level Agreement

During a panel discussion in Dubai, Jihad Azour, the Director of the Middle East and Central Asia Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), recently expressed his concerns over Lebanon’s economic situation. He emphasized the need for addressing the country’s financial system, hyperinflation, and structural reforms to aid recovery.

While Lebanon has secured a draft staff-level agreement with the IMF for approximately $3 billion in aid, the organization has stressed the need for urgent reforms before approving the agreement. These reforms include restructuring the financial sector, introducing fiscal reforms, and combating corruption and money laundering.

Dollar In Lebanon

The Dollar in Lebanon remains volatile, influenced by the country’s political and economic developments. As the country faces critical decisions regarding its presidential vacuum and the regulation of its labor market, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the USD to LBP rate for potential fluctuations. Stay informed and follow the latest updates on the Lebanese lira rate.

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