Dollar To LBP Today: Stable Rate 27/4/2023


April 27, 2023, the exchange rate for the Dollar to LBP today is at 97,300 LBP for 1 USD, maintaining stability for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday’s rate was also at 97,300 LBP. The steadiness of the exchange rate reflects the ongoing efforts of the government to address economic challenges and maintain stability amidst political uncertainties and the refugee crisis.

LF on Consensus and Hezbollah’s Presidential Candidate

The Lebanese Forces (LF) party asserted on Thursday that the election of the president can only occur through consensus. LF spokesman Charles Jabbour told al-Jadeed TV that Hezbollah is pressuring LF to choose between their candidate and a political vacuum, but LF will maintain its stance until Hezbollah relents. Jabbour also called on the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) to publicly declare their candidates for an agreement to be reached with various opposition parties. The LF’s insistence on consensus highlights the importance of dialogue and cooperation among Lebanon’s political factions.

Mikati Assigns Baissari to Handle Syrian Repatriation File

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati tasked acting General Security chief Brig. Gen. Elias Baissari with addressing the issue of returning displaced Syrians to their country. Mikati’s decision comes after a ministerial meeting decided to take stricter measures in the refugee file. Baissari is tasked with securing safe and voluntary repatriation and communicating with relevant Syrian authorities to complete the mission. The involvement of high-ranking officials in the repatriation process demonstrates the urgency and importance of resolving the refugee crisis.

FPM Refutes Franjieh’s Allegations of Bassil’s Involvement in Port Deal

The Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) denied Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh’s accusations that FPM leader Jebran Bassil had a role in the Beirut port deal. FPM released a statement highlighting that Bassil and the FPM have no involvement in the ministry or file. MP Ghassan Atallah of the FPM called on Franjieh to present documents to confirm Bassil’s alleged ties to the port. This dispute underscores the ongoing political tensions and rivalries among Lebanese factions.

Jumblat Expresses Concern Over Safety of Syrian Refugees Repatriation

Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat questioned the safety of repatriating Syrian refugees and asked which Arab or international entity would ensure their safe return. Jumblat also questioned whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad wants the refugees to return. In an interview with MTV, Jumblat suggested establishing decent camps for displaced Syrians in Lebanon and highlighted the lack of an Arab consensus on a political solution. Jumblat’s concerns reflect the broader complexities and challenges associated with the refugee crisis.

Lebanese Army’s Recent Actions Towards Refugees

The Lebanese Army has recently raided homes in various parts of the country, arresting hundreds and deporting dozens who had entered the country irregularly or held expired residency cards. These actions signify the Lebanese government’s efforts to regulate the presence of refugees within the country and expedite the process of repatriation for those who do not have legal status.

UNHCR’s Role in the Refugee Crisis

The ministerial panel has requested the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to submit all available data on displaced Syrians within a week. Additionally, the panel decided to strip any Syrian who leaves Lebanese territory of their displaced status. While Kataeb and Lebanese Forces leaders Sami Gemayel and Samir Geagea both urged for the repatriation of refugees after meeting with U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Joanna Wronecka, Amnesty International has called on Lebanon to “immediately stop forcibly deporting refugees back to Syria.”

In conclusion, amidst the stable Dollar To LBP today, Lebanon is witnessing political developments and efforts to address the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. The involvement of various political factions and international organizations highlights the complexities and challenges faced by the country as it navigates these pressing issues.


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