Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News Dollar VS Lebanese Lira Today – 18/3/2021

Dollar VS Lebanese Lira Today – 18/3/2021

Dollar VS Lebanese Lira Today

Today, Thursday, March 18, 2021, the Dollar VS Lebanese Lira rate is still the talk of the town. FOR NOW, the USD to LBP rate, 11:00 AM, Beirut time is Buy 1$ = 12,900 LBP.

At 6:00 PM, Beirut Time, the USD Market app reported what they called a “huge” appreciation for the Lira. The new rate is Buy 1$ = 10,900 LBP, this is a gain of 2,000 LBP in a matter of 7 hours.

Of course, no one believes the blatant lie that these applications try to propagate which is the news effect on the Lira. We all know that the rates are completely manipulated by a few.


NB: Rates are according to the USD Markets black market application, which we do not endorse or support in any way, shape, or form.

Dollar VS Lebanese Lira

Black Market Apps Shady Behavior:

Ironically, some of the apps stopped showing black market rates and just today, the USD Markets application announced that they will stop the app and asked the users to download a new one.

Is this their way of evading public anger and legal proceedings?

Keep in mind that other black market websites and applications report different higher or lower rates by approximately 300 points.

Political Impact:

The president’s speech yesterday was below the Lebanese people’s expectations and proved once again that the situation is far from being resolved anytime soon.

PM Elect Saad Hariri, visited the president today. Afterward, the Lira started gaining value as soon as the Prime Minister’s press conference ended.

Accordingly, we urge you once again to boycott the Lebanese Lira apps and websites.

How To Fight These Applications?

Report these apps to Google as unlicensed currency manipulators and black market mobsters. After reporting, uninstall these apps once and for all.

The incompetent ruling class is proving time and time again that they are a bunch of cold-blooded murderers and thieves.

The currency exchangers are not better. They are probably affiliated with politicians from different levels, explaining why these applications are not regulated or stopped by the government or the Lebanese Central Bank.

Check out yesterday’s rate here: USD To Lebanese Lira – 17/3/2021

News about yesterday’s President Speech: President Aoun Speech

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