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How To Earn Money From Home In The UK


How to earn money from home in the UK? You might be considering to start making money online, but you don’t know where to start.

By the end of this guide, you will have a clear overview and an action plan for you to start your online business.

First, the business model is highly profitable and stable.

You will not have to buy any stock inventory. You do not worry about warehousing nor shipping, and customer handling.

The business model is called affiliate marketing, one of the most used models by digital advertisers, SEO’s, and people seeking to work from home.

Many are earning residual passive income from home to the extent where most affiliate marketers left their 9-5 jobs and fired their bosses once and for all.

The business isn’t some Ponzi, pyramid, or MLM scheme. On the contrary, you will discover that it is as serious as establishing a physical business.

Moreover, your earning potential will never be limited by anything or anyone. The more you put in the time and effort, the higher your income will go.

But to succeed, you will need some tools, training, and education. Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to start your business and prosper.

Without further due, let’s begin our Wealthy Affiliate review and explanation of the process.

1- What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you have to drive traffic to your affiliate-coded links. If they buy through the link, you make a commission.

The cycle is very straightforward. You place your affiliate links in articles, blog posts, social media channels, etc. If your links receive clicks from a targeted audience, you will make sales and commissions.

You will have to sign up for an affiliate program within the niche of your choice. Then generate your links and start posting.

The best way to benefit the most out of Affiliate Marketing is through creating a content-rich blog or a website.

I know what you are thinking. You think you don’t have the technical and writing skills for the business, you are wrong!

Anyone who follows the step-by-step training to the letter can and will succeed.


2- What is the Wealthy Affiliate? is a Canadian based company for more than 15 years.

It is by far the best place to start your work from home journey. Even you have no experience or any clue about the process, be sure that you are in safe hands.

You will have all the tools, systems, education, networking that you need.

The company has more than 1 million active members who use the training and system to create beautiful websites.

The websites/blogs are the foundation of the business, which will make you money.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of building a website. It is easier than you think. Wealthy Affiliate training will walk you step by step to design and build a very eye-catching blog.

3- Wealthy Affiliate Free Package:

If you are starting, the free membership is the best fit for you to test the waters and see if Affiliate Marketing is a perfect fit.

The beginner package is quite impressive in terms of what it allows you to do for zero money investment.

You will get the following:

  1. One free website, hosted on a subdomain.
  2. Website Builder tool.
  3. Web Hosting security.
  4. Free beginner website & Hosting package worth 29$ per month.
  5. Free Secured Socket Layer (SSL).
  6. Seven days limited support.
  7. Level 1 Core training.
  8. Certification Core Training Level 1.
  9. Bootcamp Core Training Level 1.
  10. Jaaxy Starter Keyword research tool.
  11. Many other premium features are accessible for the first seven days of sign-up.


Getting all these tools for free is unseen in the industry. Give yourself the time to go through the means and pieces of training of the FREE package.

In no time, you will realize that you are in the perfect place to start making money online and building your online business.

4- Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:

After testing the free membership and find yourself comfortable with how the system works, the premium membership is a no brainer.

For $49/month, the premium membership goes above and beyond any competition in the market.

Other similar companies can offer this package at $1000 per month!

So what’s in it for you as training and education:

  1. Certification Core Training: Level 1 to 5, 50 lessons.
  2. Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp core training that contains Level 1 to 7, 70 lessons.
  3. Thousands of training modules.
  4. 52 + Expert sessions per year.


  1. Intermediate website and hosting pack worth a minimum of $100/month.
  2. The ability to build and host up to 50 websites using a website builder.
  3. High level hosting security.
  4. Free Secured Socket Layer (SSL)
  5. Daily data backup.
  6. Hacking prevention and DDoS protection.
  7. Extreme site speed performance.
  8. Super professional site support that can resolve your technical inquiries within minutes.
  9. Google site speed optimized.
  10. Automatic image optimization.
  11. Duel server hosting redundancy.
  12. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  13. The ability to sustain 250,000 web visitors per month, per website.

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

  1. SiteContent Publishing interface ( Similar to Grammarly)
  2. SiteComments platform, which allows you to get comments on your blog posts.
  3. Duplicate content checker.
  4. Jaaxy lite keyword research tool for you to find high traffic/low competition keywords.
  5. Unlimited keyword research.
  6. Unlimited 24/7 help.

This isn’t all. You will also get the ability to communicate with a community of like minded experts who are making money from home, online, and daily.

In addition, you will be able to get feedback about different aspects of your business from the community itself.

Sign Up Now for the Premium Membership for $19 for the first month, then $49 per month after that!

How To Earn Money From Home In The UK

5- Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership:

If you by now, you are amazed by the Premium membership, wait till you see the additional perks of Premium Plus!

The Premium Plus was recently introduced upon the revamp of the WA platform.

In addition to all the Premium membership tools and education, the Premium Plus has the following:

Training & Education:

  1. More than 200 expert classes.

Websites & Blogs:

  1. Advanced website and hosting package, worth $250/month.
  2. An advanced hosting security pack.
  3. Sustain more than 1,000,000 monthly visitors.


Also, in addition to the premium support options, you will get priority expert private help.

Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Jaaxy Enterprise account $99/month value.
  2. Instant competition analysis.
  3. A Keyword generation tool of up to 1300 new keywords.

The Premium Plus membership is at a very low $99 per month. Keep in mind that it is easily worth a whopping $1,600 per month with all that this package offers.

Subscribe to the Premium Plus Here. The first month is at $49, then $99 per month after that!

 Decide To Start Here & Now!

If you are serious about building your online passive income business, then Wealthy Affiliate is your way to go!

In simple words, you will never need anything else to succeed. All the education, step-by-step training, high speed hosting, website builder, SEO tools, keyword research, and experts’ community are there.

This very website you are on is built with Wealthy Affiliate!

When you join, you will see many success posts of premium members making for $1000 to more than $30,000 per month using the system you are on.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Most of them are very generous and will explain how they reached the level of tremendous success they saw within 6 to 12 months of joining.

Also, the opportunity is not only open for UK citizens. All countries users can join including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon and more than 120 countries!

I hope that this post will help on how to earn money from home in the UK or anywhere else worldwide.

Furthermore, If you find this post helpful or have any comments, questions or information, please do not hesitate to use the comments box below!

For general and business inquiries, please send us an email here:



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