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How To Make Money During A Lockdown?


How to make money during a lockdown? Thousands around the globe are financially affected by the aftermath of very strict lockdowns. Staying at home for long periods can have a toll on the financial stability of many families and individuals forced to stop working.

The Coronavirus pandemic affected not only individuals but nations and businesses. Many countries fell into a severe economic crisis, with millions of workers laid off every day.

The United Kingdom recently went into a new nationwide lockdown as a new breed of Coronavirus emerged; it looks more infectious and can spread faster than ever before.

The good news is, online businesses and influencers are striving for tremendous success and business increase.

How To Make Money During A Lockdown
How To Make Money During A Lockdown


Amazon, the retail giant, saw a massive increase in sales from online orders with an upward trend that doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon.

Moreover, they hired more than 100,000 new employees for remote jobs to handle the surge of sales and customer service requests. More on how you can apply later!

At the end of this article, you will become aware of four ways to make money online. It will help you get through this rough time and even make a decent living online.

These tools will also enable you to build a real online business.

An online business can generate significant amounts of money for you regularly without worrying about COVID-19. All can be done from home. It would be best to have an internet connection, a phone, a laptop, and a couple of hours of daily commitment and dedication.

1- Affiliate Marketing Using Wealthy Affiliate:

Affiliate Marketing is by far the best choice if you are considering making serious money online. It works using the simple idea of placing links coded to your account on your website and bringing targeted traffic to your articles.

If someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase from the retailer, you make a commission from 5% to more than 50%, depending on the offer and the company you are working with.

If you chose this form of money-making, you should consider it as a real business; there are no limits of how much you can make from 10$ per day, 100$ per day, 1000$ per day, or more; your daily actions and commitment will define your income and success.

This business form requires a website (blog), education on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), market research, website builder, hosting, and proper keyword research.

Ways To Make Money Online

The good news is that the Wealthy Affiliate Premium package has all the mentioned tools above, plus many additional features that you can take advantage of to speed up your success time and work more efficiently.

With a Wealthy Affiliate Premium account, you will get the following tools:

  • Training: Wealthy Affiliate has by far the biggest training library on the internet for web development, web design, content creation, content marketing, search engine optimization, keyword research, competition analysis, and much more. I built this same website using the step-by-step training of WA.
  • WordPress: WordPress is used by 35% of all the websites created worldwide. It is the “engine” on which your business will be based upon. It is very user-friendly; most of the tasks are “drag and drop” and is very search engine friendly.
  • Themes: For your blog’s design, you will be able to choose from more than 3,500 themes and designs. The themes are, in most cases, fully customizable to your liking.
  • High-Speed Hosting: Wealthy Affiliate hosting service is by far the best in the industry. With a capacity of 500,0000 simultaneous visitors, you are guaranteed a fast-loading website 24/7, which will also reflect on your high Google rankings.
  • Customer support: If you happen to face any technical issues with your website, world-class customer support is there to help you and fix your problems. Their response time is usually under 5 minutes, which is phenomenal in the industry!
  • Community: If you find yourself stuck somewhere, you can rest assured that the community will answer any question you might have through posting queries or using the live chat service. Moreover, you will be in a place where successful entrepreneurs are posting their success stories, tactics, strategies, and earnings daily.
  • Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp: If you chose Affiliate Marketing as your niche, you would have access to the industry’s best training to fast-track your road to success. WA has its lucrative affiliate program that pays you $24 for every premium member you refer, recurring every month!
  • Jaaxy: Jaaxy is a state-of-the-art keyword research tool that will give you the edge over your competitors. It will help you define the low competition high traffic keywords and give you thousands of high-traffic keyword ideas to create your content efficiently.

You can always start with the Starter package, which gives you the ability to create your first website (on a subdomain) and ten free lessons. If you are not sure if the premium package is for you, use the starter package as a testing ground completely risk-free.

The premium package is $19 for the first month, $49 per month after that. The price is nothing compared to the endless benefits you will be reaping out of your account. The actual value of the services you are going to get is more than $800 per month.

2- Go Live On TikTok:

TikTok is considering one of the most successful videos sharing applications worldwide. Trump worked hard to ban TikTok in the US or force a buyout deal because TikTok is threatening two major US-based social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

The average time spent on TikTok per user is 49 minutes versus the shrinking numbers of Instagram of 26 minutes. That’s huge, and if users are spending that much time on TikTok, it means there are endless opportunities to make money using the app.

With more than 150 million users in the US alone, TikTok outranked Instagram users counted in 2020, and the upward trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

What’s in it for you? How to make money on TikTok?

TikTok is now what Facebook used to be ten years ago in terms of organic reach and views. The value for creators is tremendous.

Chose your niche or topic and post your videos on TikTok daily. You can post more than once per day. The algorithm will give you more “For you page” views, which will generate followers and a loyal audience.

Once you reach the easy 1000 follower requirement, you can start Live streaming on TikTok.

Always go live when your followers are most active on the app; you can find that time in your account’s analytics. When live, your audience, followers or not, can send you live virtual gifts that can be redeemed for cash. You should be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to cash out your earnings.

You can also post your affiliate links in your bio; you can post multiple links using the Linktree option.

You can find 17 best practices for you to succeed on TikTok in this article: How To Make Money In Bad Economy From Home!

3- Post Videos On Youtube:

Bought by Google in 2006, Youtube grew to be the number one video search engine on the web. Being a search engine, Youtube provides valuable info or entertainment content to its users.

When searching on Google, the search engine giant always prefers to show Youtube video results over written content when the searched topic can be more paired with video content.

For example: if you search for “funny cats” on Google, you are more likely to see Youtube videos dominating the first page results. You prefer watching a video of funny cats instead of reading an article about how cats are funny!

Once you start posting videos on Youtube, make sure to choose one niche, post often, and be consistent.

Always write informational titles and descriptions, add tags related to your niche. The Youtube algorithm will catch those signals and show your videos to the relevant audience on YT, and Google will also pick up the signals, which will result in high rankings and more views.

So how you make money on Youtube?

Once you reach the 1000 subscribers, 4000 watch hours requirement, you will be eligible to earn money from ad revenue. Until you reach that benchmark, you can monetize your videos by posting affiliate links in your video’s description box.

NB: watch time from short videos or Youtube Shorts will not count towards your 4000 watch hours.

You can also earn money from stickers or memberships you get from live streaming.

A word of advice: working on Youtube and TikTok simultaneously proved to be a very successful combination. You can post a sneak peek or a quick video on TikTok about a specific topic and direct your viewers to watch a more extended version, with more information video on Youtube. Compelling stuff!

4- Freelance Article Writing:

The web is full of international companies that connect article writers with people who need content. Believe when I say, millions of website and blog owners outsource their article writing tasks to freelance article writers.

Most of these companies are well established and have a vast amount of highly targeted traffic. These people are willing to pay anything from $30 to 100$ for a 1,000 words article depending on your skills, portfolio, and positive reviews you got from articles you have written in the past.

Best companies that you can work with:

  1. Upwork is one of the best companies if you are looking to work remotely, make extra money, or even go full time. In addition to writing jobs, Upwork also connects you with individuals and companies who are looking for SEOs, researchers, Web Developers, Graphic designers, social media marketers, community managers, administrators, and much more. Create your profile and provide as many details as you can. Remember hiring companies will look at your profile. Lower your rates at the start so you can get jobs faster and positive client reviews so you can jumpstart your side hustle faster.
  2. Freelancer is a very well-known freelance article writing platform, one of the first and most well-known industries. You can choose Freelancer as part of your lockdown strategy of making money from home. The average earning per article is about $30. Of course, the jobs are not limited to article writing, and you can do many other tasks including but not limited to: web development, web design, SEO, keyword research, logo design, IT services, etc.

5- Build Your Online Success Starting Today!

Building an online business may seem difficult for some of you. The fact is, if you join the right program that walks you through every aspect of the business, things will get much more straightforward.

Always stay away from shiny objects, programs that promise you to get rich overnight or make money within a week. This is impossible.

One thing defines if you will make money within the next few months, which is a decision you take today. Whatever the path you decide to take now, stick to it, dedicate yourself to it, and take daily actions towards your goals.

Consider the amount of time you waste on Netflix, TV, and other platforms. Create time for your personal and financial development, allocate 1,2, or 3 hours per day to work towards your online business.

Now that you have a clear picture and answer of how to make money during a lockdown, it’s your call to decide.

Wealthy Affiliate is a top choice, as you will not only make extra cash, you will build a real online business, your own “real estate” that can be grown, developed, and even be sold on a later stage for a decent chunk of cash.

Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate has the largest community of successful entrepreneurs making money using Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing. The majority of them left their 8 to 5 jobs and worked full time on their online business.

The earning potential is unlimited; you can make from 3 figures per month to 6 figures or more. It all depends on your efforts, efficiency, dedication, and mindset.

Here are some success stories of people making a living online:

Officially a Six-Figure Business – 2018 Year-End Report

$4,550 In 7 Months!

1st $1000 month – Wealthy Affiliate success!


If you find this post interesting and have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to use the comments box below!

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