Lira Exchange Lira Rate,October 2020 Lira Rate Lebanese Lira Rate Today 10-22-2020

Lebanese Lira Rate Today 10-22-2020

The Lebanese Lira rate for today October 22, 2020, gained a massive appreciation versus the USD, the rates as per different market applications and websites are as follows:

App / Website Buy 1 USD Sell 1 USD
USD Market* 7000 LBP 7100 LBP 7150 LBP 7075 LBP* 7100 LBP 7300 LBP


NB: updates only once per day, USD Market app did not update since Today 2:00 PM, this might be due to the high traffic or a server overload issue.

Lira Rate Intraday Currency News:

  1. The USD to LBP depreciated massively today, since early morning the currency rate started its huge depreciation upon the positive sentiment of the nomination of PM Saad Al Harir.
  2. Upon the nomination of the new Prime Minister, the USD to LBP kept depreciating on the black market.
  3. A huge consumer trend towards selling the USD cash notes, out of fear of further depreciation.
  4. We expect the Lira to lose value by next week, as the government formation talks are expected to be very difficult.
  5. Telegram currency exchange groups are booming with Buying USD banknotes requests, it is expected that the selling of USD trend will diminish by the end of this day.
  6. The Lira rate trend for tomorrow 10-23-2020, can not be predicted as government formation is another huge hurdle that isn’t expected to be resolved fast which will affect the currency black market.
  7. At 6:00 PM, the Lebanese Lira rate is steady, holding its position since 3:00 PM
  8. At 6:35 PM, USD Market App updated it’s USD to LL rate to Buy 1 USD = 7000 LL


Check back the rates regularly as we update as soon we get new data.

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