Lira Exchange Lira Rate,October 2020 Lira Rate Lebanese Lira Rate Today 10-24-2020

Lebanese Lira Rate Today 10-24-2020

The Lebanese Lira rate for today, Saturday, October 24, 2020, is gaining massively against the dollar. The Dollar to Lebanese pound rates as per different black market applications and websites are as follows:

App / Website Buy 1 USD Sell 1 USD
USD Market 6350 LBP 6500 LBP 6500 LBP 6400 LBP* 7100 LBP 6800 LBP
Adde Dollar Lebanon 6400 LBP 6600 LBP


NB: rates are not updated live, thus the rate is the same as yesterday.

Lira Currency Intraday News:

  1. The USD to LBP rate depreciated massively today, this is mainly due to the positive sentiment from yesterday’s encouraging government formation talks. Stay tuned and check back regularly for updates from the black market.
  2. In the latest update, at 11:30 AM, the Lira gained an additional whopping 400 points against the dollar. We are consistently working on adding more sources so you can have a clear picture of the currency rates.
  3. Telegram USD to LBP buy and sell groups are booming, members are buying USD banknotes at different rates, high amounts at 1 USD = 6250 LBP, low amounts 1 USD = 6500 LBP.
  4. We expect the black market to stay very active until late afternoon, which is unusual for a Saturday.
  5. Beware of market manipulation, some reports are mentioning serious manipulation taking place this weekend.
  6. Since 13:30 PM, a suspected currency exchange intentional devaluation took place, who is responsible? No one knows arguably a sudden loss of 800 points for the Lira in less than 2 hours is an indication of possible manipulation.
  7. At 5:30 PM, the USD To LBP lost 450 points approximately. The volatility at this moment is uncontrollable, black market sources are generating conflicting numbers. Telegram USD to LL exchange groups are booming with both Buy and Sell requests.
  8. Please note that some apps take time to update to the real market value, “Adde Dollar Lebanon” updated the rates at 6:00 PM.
  9. At 6:30 PM, the USD Market app updated the USD to LBP with a Lira gain of 150 points. That kind of volatility is very unlikely on a Saturday late afternoon.
  10. The currency exchange market settled at 7:45 PM.

As for Sunday, October 25, 2020, the usual is minimal to no activity but after today’s skyrocketing supply and demand, tomorrow may be an exception.

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