Lira Exchange Lira Rate,October 2020 Lira Rate Lebanese Lira Rate Today 10-30-2020

Lebanese Lira Rate Today 10-30-2020

The USD to LBP did not breach the resistance barrier of 1 USD = 7,000 LL. The Lira rate today, October 30, 2020, as per various sources from the black market, is as follows:


Lira rate today:

App / Website Buy 1 USD Sell 1 USD
USD Market 6675 6750 6775 6725* 6800 6600
Adde Dollar Lebanon 6650 6750
LBP to Dollar App 6750 6700
Lebanese Market LBP USD 6730 6680
Sarraf Lebanon 6800 6720
الدولار عند الصرافين لبنان (App) 6750 6700
Average Rate 6733 6718


NB: did not update the rates yesterday. Check back after 12:00 PM.

The official LBP rate stands at 1507.5 LL to 1515.

Checks are withdrawn at 3,900 LL depending on each bank’s rules and regulations from the Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL).

OMT transfers are withdrawn in cash dollars or the sender’s currency.

Wire transfers are withdrawn in cash Dollar banknotes depending on the amount.


Lira rate Currency Intraday News:

The USD is depreciating versus the Lira for the past 2 days. Today, Friday, a day usually known for high volatility. In addition, public sector salaries in Lebanese Lira are paid today. Some of those salaries are paid in Cash Lira banknotes.


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