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Lebanese Lira Rate | USD To LBP Today |

Even before October 17, 2019 revolution, doubts surrounded the fate of the Lebanese Lira rate. Since then, the exchange rate of USD to LBP became the daily worry of the Lebanese people. What is the USD to LBP rate today? You can hear this question every day from everyone.

Lebanon’s financial and economic crisis hit the rich, poor, or the annihilated middle-class; everyone is suffering. The buzzing Beirut restaurants became empty.

Adding insult to injury, COVID-19 hit the country, and over time, became uncontrollable. With several weeks in quarantine, Lebanon’s economy went on a steep downward fall for the first time in its modern history.

What made the whole situation even worse is August 4, 2020, Ammonium Nitrate explosion that struck Beirut port with the 3rd most powerful explosion in human history. Purpose

Lebanese Lira rate

Lira Exchange is a provider of daily black market Dollar to Lebanese Lira rate.

We will post daily articles and updates on the Lira prices on different platforms and black market apps. We are not exchangers.

  • Official Rate
  • Bank’s USD Check Exchange Rate
  • Various black market USD to Lebanese Lira rate

Moreover, we are on a mission of exposing the USD to LBP black market applications.

The apps are a huge factor in Lira’s demise. We have written many articles explaining our point of view in detail.

Also, we will post articles on how to make fresh Dollars using online means and tools. Making money online is a way out for everyone in Lebanon!

If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you are good to go.

NB: We are accepting guest posts. If you are an expert in the financial and economic sphere, please do not hesitate to contact us using the comments box.

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