Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News Lebanese Lira Today – 14/6/2021

Lebanese Lira Today – 14/6/2021

Monday, 14 June 2021, the Lebanese Lira today will probably keep on falling against the dollar. The weekend was a disaster for the USD to LBP!

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Once again, the USD to LBP black market apps worked collectively and harmoniously on increasing the USD price during the weekend.

After the very rough past week, the black market seems out of control. The applications and websites systematically decreased the Lira value on Saturday and Sunday.

Accordingly, The government and the Lebanese central bank have to find a definitive solution for those rate providers.

Leaving the applications uncontrolled and unsupervised is a crime against the Lebanese people!

To check last Friday’s 11 June 2021 rates, click here: Lira Exchange Rate.

The Dollar to LL currency rates and hourly updates according to the black market application “Adde Dollar” are as follows:

Lebanese Lira Today:

-Buy 1 USD = 15,550 LBP at 19:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,500 LBP at 19:30 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,450 LBP at 16:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,400 LBP at 16:30 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,475 LBP at 15:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,425 LBP at 15:30 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,500 LBP at 13:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,450 LBP at 13:30 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,450 LBP at 12:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,400 LBP at 12:00 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,400 LBP at 11:00 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,350 LBP at 11:00 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,350 LBP at 10:15 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,300 LBP at 10:15 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 15,275 LBP at 08:00 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 15,225 LBP at 08:00 AM


Lebanese Lira Today











Intraday Currency News:


Before Noon Updates:

  • The opening rate for today is an inflated rate versus the Friday closing rate. The apps increased the USD price by 300 points.
  • Opening rate at 08:00 am, Buy 1 USD = 15,275 LBP.
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  • As expected, the first USD to LBP price increase by 75 points occurred at  10:15 am.
  • Also, at 11:00 am another price increase of the dollar by 50 points.
  • At 12:00 PM, Beirut local time, the Lira lost an additional 50 points.

Afternoon Updates:

  • At 13:30 PM, the Lebanese Lira depreciated by 50 points. The new rate is 1$ = 15,500 LBP.
  • The first dollar price decrease occurred at 15:30 pm by a low 25 points.
  • Another price decrease of the USD by 25 points at 16:30 pm.
  • The closing price of the Dollar to Lebanese lira is $1 = 15,550 LBP.

Dan Azzi Full Interview About The BDL Circulars:

As usual, Dan Azzi never fails to provide the absolute truth about the BDL schemes. His analysis of the circulars is by far the best in Lebanon.



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