Safest High Yield Investments – Best For 2021

High Yield Investments

The safest high yield investments for 2021 are a topic of discussion among most investors around the globe.

After the Coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19, many investors went into the search of high-return investments that can provide a steady and serious income.

The predicament is that high-paying investment programs usually come with a high risk.

Every investor is eager to find the highest paying opportunity, but the intelligent thing is to also look for the risks.

However, The balance between high profits and risks will make you safe most of the time and avoid unforeseen losses.

To do so, you have to look carefully into the nature of your investment. Is it a managed investment account? Stock that returns dividends? Or an S&P 500 Index Fund/ETF?

This article will go through the top three options for you to consider but always do your due diligence before investing.

Before diving into the investments review, it is always wise to invest 10% of your savings and try to eliminate any loans that you might have.

In addition, try to make sure that you have 6 to 8 months of living expenses for you and your family as a safety net.

Investment Opportunities

1- Up Wealth Finances: is a UK-based company that provides managed cryptocurrency investment accounts to its clients.

At the core of the company’s values is the profitability and success of their client’s short and long-term investments.

For the past seven years, Heritage Investment grew a highly skilled professional Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency traders team.

Their high level of expertise made millions of dollars in returns to their ever-growing list of investors.

In essence, their business model is exceptionally straightforward and user-friendly.

HI offers three investment plans that vary according to the amount you wish to deposit.

  • From $100 to $999, your daily return will be 3% for ten days.
  • From $1000 to $10,000, your daily return will be 5% for ten days.
  • From $10,000 to $10,000, your daily return will be 15% for ten days.


While these offers might seem appropriate for a short-term strategy, the packages are also very effective in the long run as you can continually reinvest the profits.

Now, I know what you are thinking, how can they provide such high returns?

In simple terms, cryptocurrency trading has proved to be one the most lucrative investments ever. A super skilled professional trader can make more than 100% in returns per day!

In this case, it is a team of crypto geeks working for your round-the-clock 24/7.

You can sign up now for UpWealthFinances using this link: Managed Crypto Investment Account.

They also offer a robust referral system that pays out 5% commissions on your referral deposits!

Up Wealth Finances is available in the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Monaco, Switzerland, and more than 100 countries.

Safest High Yield Investments



2- S&P 500 Index Fund:

The S&P 500 index stands for Standard & Poor’s index. The S&P is one of the most followed equity as the returns are usually 10% yearly with very minimal risk and high long-term returns.

S&P 500 consists of the 500 most valuable companies and businesses in the United States of America.

To diversify, you can also invest in Russell 1000, which contains the 1000 most valuable companies in the United States of America.

Prominent investors have highly recommended index funds that use the S&P 500 like Warren Buffet, John C. Bogle, and many more.

So if you are planning for the long run, the S&P 500 is your way to go.

S&P 500 Index Fund

3- Dividend Stocks:

A Dividend is a payment of profits that a specific company shares with its stockholders.

Usually, these payments are regular and can be on a quarterly, Bi-yearly, or yearly basis.

There are different types of dividends. We will mention the most popular:

  • Cash Dividends: These are the most popular and are paid on the stockholder’s brokerage account or bank account.
  • Stock Dividends: Companies might pay the stockholder with an additional share of stock instead of cash.
  • DRIP: The dividend reinvestment program where the earnings are reinvested for a discounted rate.

Some examples of companies that pay dividends:

  • Sensata Technologies Holding PLC: Forward Dividend Yield: 11.35%, Payout Ratio: 0.00%, Price: $59.23, Market Cap: $9.4 billion, 1-Year Total Return: 59.9%.
  • AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC): Forward Dividend Yield: 8.59%, Payout Ratio: 22.14%, Price: $17.96, Market Cap: $9.4 billion, 1-Year Total Return: 56.3%.
  • Booking Holdings Inc. (BKNG): Forward Dividend Yield: 7.63%, Payout Ratio: 0.00%, Price: $2505.10, Market Cap: $102.8 billion, 1-Year Total Return: 74.1%.

The US market has an abundance of successful companies like the ones you see here. Most of them will pay quarterly or semi-annually.

To conclude, dividends stocks are the best fit for you if you plan for a mid to long-term investment.

Get Your Piece Of The Pie Now!

Whatever are your investment goals, you can choose one or all of the safest high yield investments that we mentioned here.

The best way to go is to diversify your portfolio to cover all three ways while properly selecting the amount you wish to invest in each.

However, if you want to proceed with only one, the best way to go is with

The daily returns will guarantee your initial capital back in 3 to 4 weeks maximum plus profit.

Just withdraw your deposited amount and reinvest using your profits for daily returns for as long as you like.

To conclude, your investment with Up Wealth Finances will be 100% safe and risk-free after only 20 to 30 days.

Start small with anything from $100 to $5,000, and do not be greedy. Always withdraw your earnings and secure your capital. That’s it!

Managed Bitcoin Investment

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  1. Okay, so I have read your article, and I have wanted to invest even a little money since I don’t have much. And I see that investment with Up Wealth Finances seems easy since it doesn’t sound too complicated for people who do not know much about investing.

    It is straightforward and sounds easy to follow. Is it okay if you send me more information on Up Wealth? I just need to know more about it before making a decision. Thank you

    1. Hi Memor, is based in the USA and is a very reliable company when it comes to high-yield investments. I have been making money with them consistently for some time now.

      If you follow a strict plan, recover your initial investment, and continue investing safely with your profits, you are 100% and good to go!

      Best of luck,


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