Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News USD To LBP Rate For Today – 31/3/2021

USD To LBP Rate For Today – 31/3/2021

At will provide you with daily USD to LBP rates taken from one of the black market apps. Unfortunately, the applications are not a trustworthy source.

Most probably, the owners of these rates providers are currency exchangers themselves.

Our purpose is to expose them to what they indeed are, currency manipulators.

We closely monitored two of these apps for the past couple of weeks. We noticed that their notifications are 100% identical and moving at the same time.

Today’s rates are as per the black market application “Adde Dollar.”

The USD To LBP Hourly Rates:

-Buy 1 USD = 12,250 LBP at 19:00 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,200 LBP at 19:00 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,150 LBP at 17:40 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,100 LBP at 17:40 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,300 LBP at 16:40 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,250 LBP at 16:40 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,350 LBP at 16:05 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,300 LBP at 16:05 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,475 LBP at 15:05 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,425 LBP at 15:05 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,500 LBP at 14:20 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,450 LBP at 14:20 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,550 LBP at 14:00 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,500 LBP at 14:00 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,575 LBP at 12:00 PM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,525 LBP at 12:00 PM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,600 LBP at 11:25 AM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,550 LBP at 11:25 AM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,650 LBP at 10:45 AM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,600 LBP at 10:45 AM.

-Buy 1 USD = 12,750 LBP at 10:00 AM.

-Sell 1 USD = 12,700 LBP at 10:00 AM.

You can check yesterday’s rates here: Lebanese Lira Exchange Rate.




Intraday Currency News:


  • The Lebanese Lira rate today, Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 10:00 AM, is still stable with no significant changes in yesterday’s closing rate.
  • The Dollar is expected to keep a stable rate with no significant changes unless a political breakthrough takes place.
  • The Dollar to Lebanese Lira lost 100 points at 10:45 AM. This is the first significant change in a couple of days.
  • Once again, the Lira gained an additional 50 points by 11:25 AM. The new 1$ to Lebanese Lira rate is 12,600 LBP.
  • The US Dollar is on a bearish trend, for now, let’s hope the trend gets stronger.
  • Again, another price drop for the Dollar by a slight 25 points.
  • At 14:00 PM, Beirut time, the Lira gains another 25 points.
  • An additional increase of the Lira occurred at 14:20 PM by 50 points. Seems like the bearish trend of the USD is becoming stronger and more frequent. The question is, why? who is controlling the market?
  • Slight increase of the Lebanese Pound by 25 points.15:05 PM.
  • The USD to LBP saw a huge decrease by 125 points. The bearish trend is getting stronger by the hour.
  • The closing rate for today is 1$ = 12,250 LL.

In The News:

The political and government formation stalemate is still in place. No progress is achieved on all levels.

Moreover, the French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian sent a callous message in his last press conference.

He clearly stated that seven months of political deadlock hurt the economy even further and impact Lebanese citizens on all levels.

Moreover, He insisted on the fact that the situation is worsening the economic crisis.

Lira Exchange Apps:

We wrote countless times about the negative effect and impact of the Lira exchange apps who are consistently and artificially inflating the Lira rate over the days.

Please, do not be misled by today’s depreciation of the Dollar, as this is typical behavior of these mobsters.

Moreover, always keep in mind that most of these applications are owned by exchangers, thus the clear conflict of interest.

Accordingly, we implore you to boycott these applications, first by reporting them to Google as, currency manipulators, unregulated, and unlicensed.

The next step is to uninstall them from your devices once and for all!



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