Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News USD To Lebanese Lira – 17/3/2021

USD To Lebanese Lira – 17/3/2021

USD To Lira Rate

Today, Wednesday, March 17, 2021, the USD to Lebanese Lira rate dropped to the level of  BUY 1$ = 13,800 LBP. This is according to the black market Lira website

At 6:00 PM, Beirut Time, the USD rate was equal to buy 1$ = 13,200 LBP

Yesterday, buying 1 USD was at a whopping 17,000 LBPs. No one really knows why.

USD To Lebanese Lira

The severe political stagnation that Lebanon is facing is one of the main reasons for the Lira devaluation. Most probably, political parties are using the currency to pressure each other into a deal of some sort.

Adding insult to injury, the illegal currency applications are eager more than ever to keep manipulation the rates. Last Saturday and Sunday, all of the apps worked hard to inflate the rates even further by a staggering 4,000 LL.

Once again, we urge you to uninstall these applications, of course, after reporting them to Google.

The silence of the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Central Bank regarding these applications is sinister. These apps are likely linked some way or another to exchangers and politicians.

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