Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News USD To Lebanese Lira – 7/6/2021

USD To Lebanese Lira – 7/6/2021


Today, Monday, June 7, 2021, the expectations of the USD to Lebanese Lira rate are all bullish. The black market apps are not active yet as of 9:30 AM.

Everyone is talking about the Central bank’s decision to impose on commercial banks paying the depositors fresh dollars.

The decision states that the banks have to pay $400 in cash dollars and another $400 in LBP at 12,000 LBP, 4,800,000 LBP. (Read the official statement below)

Moreover, we advise you not to take this seriously as the banks are furious about this new decree.

We expect to see a clash between the commercial banks and the BDL this week.

To check last Friday’s rate, click here: Lebanese Lira Rate.

The Dollar to LBP currency rates and hourly updates according to the black market application “Adde Dollar” are as follows:

USD To Lebanese Lira:

-Buy 1 USD = 13,700 LBP at 20:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,650 LBP at 20:00 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,525 LBP at 16:50 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,475 LBP at 16:50 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,500 LBP at 15:50 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,450 LBP at 15:50 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,475 LBP at 15:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,425 LBP at 15:00 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,450 LBP at 12:35 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,400 LBP at 12:35 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,475 LBP at 10:35 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,425 LBP at 10:35 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,450 LBP at 10:30 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,400 LBP at 10:30 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 13,450 LBP at 9:30 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 13,400 LBP at 9:30 AM


USD To Lebanese Lira


Intraday Currency News:

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  • The USD price, for now, 9:30 AM, is still the same as yesterday.
  • No updates from the black market yet at 10:30 AM, Beirut local time.
  • First slight dollar price increase by 25 points at 10:35 AM.
  • At 12:35 PM, the lira gained by a slight 25 points.
  • The USD to LBP price reached 13,500 LBP by 15:50 PM.
  • Small increments increases of the USD price by 25 points are accruing every 40 to 60 minutes.
  • The USD to LBP closing rate for today is 13,700 LBP.

Lebanese Central Bank Decision On USD Withdrawals:

The Central Bank of Lebanon issued a decision obligating banks to pay $400 in cash, in addition to its equivalent in Lebanese pounds, to the accounts that existed as of November 2019.

According to Lebanese media, the Central Council held an extraordinary session headed by the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salameh, and unanimously adopted a decision obligating banks to pay 400 dollars (fresh dollars), in addition to the equivalent in Lebanese pounds to the accounts that were in place on November 2019 and as these accounts became in March 2021.

In turn, the Association of Banks announced in a statement that it was “unable to provide any amounts in foreign currency, no matter how low its value, and that financing any withdrawals cannot be provided,” noting that “the liquidity of banks in foreign currency with correspondents is still negative, amounting to more than one billion dollars, as shown by the statistics of the Bank. Lebanon for the month of March 2021.

BDL Statement On FRESH Dollar Withdrawals

Association of Banks In Lebanon Statement


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