Lira Exchange Earn Money Online What Is Pi Cryptocurrency About? Mine Now!

What Is Pi Cryptocurrency About? Mine Now!


The digital sphere is taking the world by storm. Many are wondering what is Pi Cryptocurrency about?

As every one of us is becoming more and more into the digital world, opportunities became abundant and highly advanced.

Cryptocurrency became the apparent evolution of money.

With Bitcoin emerging in 2008, more cryptocurrencies were created and evolved since then.

While it might seem complicated to ordinary people, Pi is the first digital currency for the masses.

In essence, Pi is a peer-to-peer marketplace nurtured by Pi, which is one of the most used cryptocurrencies.

1- Importance of Cryptocurrencies & What Is It About:

Every financial transaction has to have a record from the controlling body. It means that the banks, Paypal, and other financial institutions have to keep records of your transactions.

The institutions guarantee that the transfers are secure and trustworthy.

Hence, when Mark transfers $100 to Steve, the financial institutions must maintain a central record of $100 and the transaction details.

However, this system has many flows, including:

  • Unfair Towards End User: The financial institutions make billions of dollars in profits by charging fees and commissions on their clients. Most of the time, the everyday people using these intermediaries gain nothing. In fact, they drive a huge chunk of the global economy.
  • Fees: Banks and financial institutions charge considerable fees to provide these transactions. On the other hand, The costs can significantly impact lower-income individuals with no other alternatives.
  • Money Movement: The financial intermediaries can decide that you can not move your money at their discretion. Sometimes, without a valid reason.
  • Access: Intermediaries can arbitrarily prevent anyone from joining the network.
  • Privacy: These powerful intermediaries can ask you or oblige you to disclose more financial information about yourself than you want.


In retrospect, Bitcoin came into the market in 2008 by the anonymous group of programmers Satoshi Nakamoto. The journey towards freedom of money came into existence.

For the first time, people could safely exchange money without any 3rd party intervention.

2- Pi The First Mobile Mining Application:

The Pi core team’s goal was to find a way for everyday people to mine and benefit from cryptocurrency rewards.

The primary barrier was maintaining a distributed record of transactions to ensure that the open record updates are not false.

Pi included additional design tweaks along with a consensus algorithm that would make the system very user-friendly.

Everyone with a mobile phone or computer can mine Pi.

3- Monetize Your Time Online:

Most of us spend an immense amount of time using our phones and the internet.

Every time you engage with a video, post, ad, or website, you create significant profit for big corporations.

The Network’s core mission is to give back to the masses what they consider to be a right to acquire value from the resources that we use daily.

Additionally, the company’s vision is to use the masses’ power to use their resources immensity to get a share of the value they create.

In a world where Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix have leverage over their customers, Pi looks to reverse engineer the system in a beneficial way for all parties.

Start mining today using your mobile phone. Click here: Mine Pi Currency Now!

4- How To Mine & Earn Pi Step By Step:

You can earn Pi today by following the following straightforward steps. Keep in mind that the more you contribute, the higher your hourly earnings will go.

Step 1: download the Pi network application: Pi App.


What Is Pi Cryptocurrency About?
What Is Pi Cryptocurrency About?


Step 2: Sign up using your Facebook account or phone number:


Pi Network Sign UP
Pi Network Sign UP


Step 3:Create your password


Pi Network
Pi Network


Step 4: Complete your profile by adding your real name, country, and phone number


Pi Network Mining
Pi Network Mining


Step 5: Input your invitation code which is MMH32


Pi Cryptocurrency
Pi Cryptocurrency


Step 6: You are good to go, and you can start mining by pressing the lightning icon


Pi Earning
Pi Earning

The system makes sure that their users are not bots by requiring that you log into the app every 24 hours to restart your mining session.

5- Pi Network User Ranks:

Pi provides its users with different ranks. Every rank has its benefits in terms of the hourly mining rate.

The ranks are as follows:

  1. Pioneer: This is the basic level for everyone, with a mining rate of 0.39 Pi/hour.
  2. Contributor: If you mine for three days, you will unlock the contributor level. Very easy!
  3. Ambassador: If you are looking to increase your hourly rate exponentially, invite other users to the Pi Network!
  4. Node: This rank is for users who have added hardware to the network. Node isn’t available yet and is still in the development stage.

6- Pi Coin Price Predictions & Projection:

The cryptocurrency Pi reached the 1 million users barrier in November 2019, which is enormous!

Google trends showed a peak in popularity in August 2019, March 2020, and March 2021.

The network is the talk of the town among cryptocurrency miners, traders, and experts.

If you are one of those people, like me, who missed bitcoin in its early stages, Pi might be the next bitcoin. The positive reputation and the favorable reviews indicate that the Pi coin will increase in value over time.

Some go as far as saying that Pi owners will become very rich in the next few years, just like early Bitcoin adopters.

Furthermore, there is no exact Pi network price forecast. Most cryptocurrency authority sites like Changelly predict the PI value will be $1 by the end of 2021.

Moreover, most predictions indicate a price of $1 by the end of 2021. The forecast can change according to the amount of Pi traded, accepted, and refused. Primary supply and demand.

Most sources say the Pi price might hit $5 by 2025 only if the network develops appropriately.


7- Pi Official Telegram Channel:

The Pi network launched its official telegram channel on April 29, 2021. This move came in an effort to release the network’s news more efficiently and to a larger audience.

The company will strictly use the telegram channel to post the coin news and updates and there will be no discussion option available.

Start Mining Now!

In conclusion, the Pi network is a trusted, well-developed, powered by the masses cryptocurrency.

Accordingly, You have nothing to lose. If you have a mobile phone with an internet connection, all it takes is download the application. Follow the steps discussed above, and you are on your way to earning Pis daily.

The risk to profit ratio is nonexistent. There are no risks whatsoever.

You don’t even have to refer anyone to the network. Of course, to maximize your hourly earnings, referring your friends and acquaintances can be very useful.

Equally important; you should be aware that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You will not make money right away.

You will have to wait for the network to expand and evolve.

Download the Pi Network App Here.

Finally, I hope that we have covered what is Pi cryptocurrency about and gave you a clear overview of the opportunity at hand.

For general and business inquiries, send us an email here:

If you find this post helpful or have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to use the comments box below!

2 thoughts on “What Is Pi Cryptocurrency About? Mine Now!”

  1. This is a very interesting read, I’ve been mining Pi myself for about 3 months now and have encouraged a few friends to get in on the act.

    It is becoming more recognised as a potential top level crypto currency and as you say in your post it’s so easy to set up and get mining.

    What are your long term predictions for its value?

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the progress goes and what happens over the next year or two.

    1. Hello David,

      Pi cryptocurrency is getting a lot of attention lately, with active users reach more than 18 million last month.

      Predicting the coin value is very difficult. However, most Crypto bloggers estimate that by the end of 2021, Pi value may reach $1 per coin, and by the next 5 years, $1 per 1 Pi.

      My opinion is that the price of the Pi will depend greatly on the total amount of Pi mined versus the demand. In addition, once Pi gets listed on the crypto exchange sites, there will be a huge selling batch which is because most Pi miners will sell at the first opportunity to cash out money.

      Accordingly, the smartest thing to do is hold your Pi for as long as possible and wait for the initial selling wave to pass. If the demand for the coin increases, Pi has an auspicious future!



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