Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News Lebanese Lira Exchange Rate Black Market – 15/7/2021

Lebanese Lira Exchange Rate Black Market – 15/7/2021


Today, Thursday 15, July 2021, the Lebanese Lira exchange rate from the black market is depreciating by small increments.

NB: Scroll down to check the hourly currency updates.

The political deadlock seems to be here to stay. Yesterday Prime minister Saad Hariri visited President Michel Aoun to propose a new cabinet formation.

Consequently, all news media and political analysts predict that Hariri will step down within the next few hours. (At the time of writing this post, 10:00 Am).

Daily Star Article: Moment Of Truth.

That being said, How will Hariri’s stepping down affect the USD to LBP in the parallel market? We will have to wait and see.

Also, Check yesterday’s Lira rates here: LBP To USD Black Market.

The USD to LBP currency rates and hourly updates according to the black market website “” are as follows:

Lebanese Lira Exchange Rate Black Market:

Buy 1 USD = 21,000 LBP at 19:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 20,950 LBP at 19:00 PM

Buy 1 USD = 22,000 LBP at 18:20 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 21,950 LBP at 18:20 PM

Buy 1 USD = 21,000 LBP at 18:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 20,950 LBP at 18:00 PM

Buy 1 USD = 21,000 LBP at 17:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 20,950 LBP at 17:00 PM

Buy 1 USD = 19,900 LBP at 16:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 19,850 LBP at 16:30 PM

Buy 1 USD = 19,400 LBP at 15:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 19,350 LBP at 15:00 PM

Buy 1 USD = 19,800 LBP at 14:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 19,750 LBP at 14:30 PM

Buy 1 USD = 19,800 LBP at 13:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 19,750 LBP at 13:30 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 19,700 LBP at 11:30 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 19,650 LBP at 11:30 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 19,725 LBP at 10:00 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 19,675 LBP at 10:00 AM

Hariri Steps Down From The New Government Formation:


Hariri Steps Down
Hariri Steps Down



Lebanese Lira Exchange Rate Black Market



Lebanon Fiscal Crisis


Intraday Currency News:

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  • The opening price of the dollar versus the Lira in Lebanon today at 10:00 Am is $1 = 19,725 Lebanese Pounds.
  • No major changes occurred to the Lebanese Lira rate until 11:30 Am, Beirut local time, according to
  • The dollar price in Lebanon increased by 100 points according to at 13:30 Pm.
  • Check regularly for hourly currency news and updates.
  • Other parallel market apps are showing a lower rate of 19,600 Lebanese Lira to the dollar.
  • Ongoing Lira price increase on the various black market applications. Waiting for to update.
  • Additional USD price decrease on the black market applications to reach 19,450 LL vs. the dollar.
  • At 15:30 Pm, Beirut local time, reported increasing Lira price by 400 points to reach 1$ = 19,400 Lebanese Pounds.
  • The Lira lost all the gains for today and is very close to breaching the 20,000 LBP to the USD. The rate at 16:30 Pm is 19,900 LBP.
  • Most black-market applications are showing a dollar price of 20,000 LBP.
  • Hariri steps down from his duty as a prime minister-designate.
  • The Lira applications are skyrocketing the Dollar price.
  • For the first time, the USD to LBP rate from the parallel market reached a staggering 21,000 LL vs. the dollar.


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