Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News Dan Azzi – A Man Of Knowledge & Foresight

Dan Azzi – A Man Of Knowledge & Foresight


Dan Azzi is maybe one of the most trusted public figures by the Lebanese public. His economic and financial analysis of the Lebanese crisis is, bar none, one of the best among all Lebanese experts.

He has become one of the most demanded experts on Lebanese and foreign TV stations.

Moreover, his high level of expertise has positioned Azzi as the leading figure and a reliable source of valuable information regarding the crisis and its solution.

Additionally, he was one of the many experts Hassan Diab’s government consulted to advise on the new recovery plan and action plan with the International Monetary Fund.

As always, prominent and professional figures are sidelined of the governing body in Lebanon.

Dan has a high level of written and verbal communication skills that quickly relay his message and ideas to the public in addition to his vast knowledge and expertise.

His skill sets, along with his expertise, went above and beyond the daily mediocrity that we found ourselves watching on TVs.

Dan retired from “structured jobs” in 2015 when he served as the CEO and Chairman of Standard Chartered bank Lebanon.

As per Bloomberg, Azzi is an Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University.

He considers himself a global citizen as he has visited and was entrusted with senior leadership roles in major cities, like London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai.

Dan Azzi Foresight And Expertise:

What differentiates Dan from all other experts is his ability to convey his ideas, thoughts, and analysis quickly and to the point way.

Moreover, his high skill level of communication makes him a very appealing figure to everyday people.

His social media presence is powerful. His accounts are very popular with high levels of engagement. Check his LinkedIn account. It is my favorite!

People with different levels of education and knowledge can grasp Dan’s ideas as he relays his information in a very “user-friendly” way.

Also, his honesty and straightforwardness gave him high levels of credibility amongst the masses.

Additionally, he became very well know for foreseeing future economic and fiscal outcomes. Quite impressively, he never made a single mistake.

He was consistently warning everyone about the current crisis since a couple of years ago.

Let’s go ahead and discover his most notable interviews.

Best of Interviews:

1- In this Aljadeed news report, the Lebanese Bira, or Bira word, was explained by Dan along with a precise short explanation on the effects of the Central Bank’s decree at the time.

2- Fawda Twenty Twenty Youtube channel interviews Dan on the Lebanese economy crash, stolen funds, and “Lollars.”

Again, the Ex Standard Chartered Bank CEO and Chairman’s explanation is very understandable for everyone. Azzi uses metaphors and goes straight to the point.

The interview chapters are:

  1. The biggest Ponzi scheme of all time.
  2. Was the decline of real estate in Lebanon a huge sign?
  3. Pegging the Lira to the Dollar.
  4. What’s going to happen to the money in the banks?
  5. Lebanese Lira manipulation in the black market.
  6. Will Lebanon become decentralized?
  7. Will the stolen funds ever be returned?
  8. Israel’s peace treaties with Arab nations, and how does it affect Lebanon.

Lebanese Lira Exchange Platform:

Everyone is waiting for the Lebanese Central Bank’s official Lira exchange platform.

For the naked eye, this seems like a regulatory procedure and move.

The exchange platform will allow official exchangers and, most notably, the banks, to exchange Lira to Dollar and vice versa using the platform.

In essence, the platform will provide an “official” exchange rate of the currency.

The Central Bank’s Governor Riad Salameh expects that the new platform will reduce the Dollar price to below 10,000 Lebanese pounds for the Dollar.

Yes, this might happen for the first couple of weeks, but things will fall back to their previous state sooner or later.

Why Won’t The Exchange Platform Work?

You can’t cure cancer with an Aspirin, period. Yes, the platform will diminish the black market applications and exchangers’ influence on the price.

Still, unless we acquire a source of new dollars into the country, nothing will change.

Moreover, the most critical step is for the government to implement serious reform procedures.

In addition, the reforms will ease the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Dark Side Of The Moon!

In conclusion, Dan Azzi’s views on the situation are not rosy.

Let’s face it. We are on the dark side of the moon. No one from the political elite is doing anything towards a solution to the crash.

All of them wired their money during the October 17th, 2019 revolution.

How can we rise from the ashes when every aspect of the political system is corrupt?

How can a silly new platform change anything?

While Lebanese citizens are fighting in the supermarkets for essential goods, all political parties are doing nothing.

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