Lira Exchange Lebanese Lira News Dollar To Lira – 20/5/2021

Dollar To Lira – 20/5/2021


Today, Thursday, May 20, 2021, the Dollar to Lira rate in Lebanon is rising. The black market apps continue to use their small increments increase tactic.

Since the beginning of the week, the Lira price decreased until it reached a 1$ = 12,900 LBP last night.

On the other hand, the diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia seems to be resolved.

After the outrageous statements of our foreign minister on a Saudi TV station, a diplomatic crisis between both countries began.

Yesterday, the Lebanese foreign affairs minister apologized for his remarks and eventually resigned his position.

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The Dollar to Lebanese Lira currency rates and hourly updates according to the black market application “Adde Dollar” are as follows:

Dollar To Lira:

-Buy 1 USD = 12,850 LBP at 18:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,800 LBP at 18:00 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,850 LBP at 16:45 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,800 LBP at 16:45 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,725 LBP at 15:00 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,675 LBP at 15:00 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,750 LBP at 14:50 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,700 LBP at 14:50 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,875 LBP at 14:30 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,825 LBP at 14:30 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,900 LBP at 14:15 PM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,850 LBP at 14:15 PM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,950 LBP at 11:10 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,900 LBP at 11:10 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,925 LBP at 10:30 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,875 LBP at 10:30 AM

-Buy 1 USD = 12,900 LBP at 10:00 AM

-Sell 1 USD = 12,850 LBP at 10:00 AM


Dollar To Lira


Intraday Currency News:

  • The opening USD price for today is 1 USD = 12,900 Lebanese Pound.
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  • First Dollar price increase for today by 25 points at 10:30 AM, Beirut local time.
  • Second USD price increase by 25 points. The small increments price increase tactic is ongoing.
  • At 14:15 PM, the Lebanese lira price appreciated by 50 points.
  • First significant price decrease of the Dollar by 125 points. The new Buy $1 rate is 12,750 LBP.
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  • An additional USD price decrease by 25 points at 15:00 PM.
  • The Lira’s gains of today might be due to the Lebanese Central Bank statement of today that announced the launch of the Official Lira exchange platform “Sayrafa”.
  • The Lira exchange platform rate, as per the BDL is 12,000 LBP to the Dollar.
  • It seems that the BDL announcement didn’t have that much of a positive effect on the black market. The USD to LBP rate is going up again.


Lebanon’s Central Bank “Sayrafa” Announcement:

The Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, announced, on Thursday, that the Central Bank will sell US dollars to participating banks on the “sayrafa” platform at a price of 12,000 thousand pounds to one dollar.

The Central Bank asked participants wishing to register all requests on the platform, starting from the day of Friday, May 21, 2021, until the day of Tuesday, May 25, provided that the amount required when registering the request was paid in Lebanese pounds in cash.

Lebanese Lira Exchange Platform

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